Hear the Irish harp played over a lush soundscape...

The ringing bell-like Irish wire-strung harp and cathedral organ in lush layers, symphonic strings and synthesizer. Soft chimes and sounds from nature. Recorded over four years, Vox Celeste is the first New Age instrumental album from Vermont harpist/organist Sherri Matthew. Vox Celeste has strong classical music influences... a timeless quality drawing on secular and sacred traditions of the past: Irish harp, Gregorian chant melody and pipe organ.

This is music for you to listen to at the end of a long day, to meditate with or listen in peaceful solitude. It's for spiritual seekers and anyone looking for renewal in music, and for other harpists seeking to expand their musical horizons.

If you liked Enya's Watermark and Shepherd Moons, and Loreena McKennitt's The Book of Secrets, preview the tracks below from Vox Celeste.

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Included only with the CD: Eight Original Paintings by Sherri Matthew

This colored pencil painting of a zebra swallowtail butterfly and peonies is one of Sherri's artworks that accompanies the CD.
There is one to illustrate each track in a bound 16-page booklet. This piece is for Ave Maria (Arcadelt).

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