Meet our kitty family!
There are some links below their stories for adopting your own kitties, feeding, making blankets, rescue kitty charities, etc.

Jasmine plays harp, piano, harpsichord, boxes with rubberbands stretched across them... pretty much anything that she can pluck, poke or pull with her teeth or paws! And gets her noticed so she gets fed and petted some more. All her idea - we haven't tried to give her music lessons or anything. Visit her page to read more about her (and see her YouTube vids)

Jasmine's Page!

Jake. He will be going on eight years old next summer and he catches dozens of mice! He lost his tail at three months just before we got him. He used to be very close to Jasmine when they were kittens. These days he spends most of his time napping and playing with Donella. If she is away for any reason (vet's office, sleeping in another room), he anxiously paces the house looking for her and meowing until she comes back. They have their favorite together chair.

The friendly alpha female of the household, Donella takes over where her mom left off. She and Sidian don't always see eye to eye on things, but they're getting along better these days. She is very particular about some things, for example, no playing the harp after 10 pm! (bedtime) And it's also where she sleeps at night.

Wenonah goes to bed for the night on the recording studio's main console, where it tends to be warm. She's laying on a matching crocheted kitty blanket! (Also helps to keep the fur out of the equip.) She was adopted from Springfield Humane Society, VT some years ago.

Please visit the Kitty Memorial Page and read about Isabelle, Forest, Sidian and a special kitty in Dusseldorf, Germany, named Gary ~ Photos, videos and short stories ~